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Friends of Artists Equity

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Friends' Mission is to

  • Advance the interests of visual artists

  • Promote the arts in the tri-state region

  • Raise funding to support Artists Equity programs

  • Administer the Future Fund, an endowment for Artists Equity

Here are some of the ways The Friends of Artists Equity shows our firm commitment to supporting the visual arts and artists:


  • Co-sponsored four symposia with Artists Equity Philadelphia/Tri-State on the artist's role in society, addressing many concerns facing artists today.

  • Produced educational marketing pamphlets, and co-sponsored a well-attended panel discussion on the subject at Woodmere Art Museum.

  • Initiated and continues to support the Future Fund, an endowment intended to assure the continued financial stability of Artists Equity Philadelphia/Tri-State.

  • The Friends of Artists Equity provides awards at Artists Equity Philadelphia/Tri-State art exhibitions to encourage and support artists in the region.

For more information, contact:

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