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A sneak peak into our new, fab virtual gallery space just waiting for your entries!


This is a Members-Only opportunity. If you would like to become a member, click on the Become a Member tab above. We are now offering a student rate of $20/year.

Artists Equity is Pleased to Announce Our Summer 2021 Juried Show:



We are delighted to have the highly regarded Robert Goodman, Moore College of Art Professor of Fine Art as the juror for our upcoming summer show. Our virtual show will be exhibited in our brand-new, state-of-the-art virtual, eye-catching gallery (see below). This won’t be your usual virtual show with one thumbnail image after another but rather it will feel as if you’re touring a real exhibit.


Important Dates:

June 11: Member artists should prepare up to three  2D pieces for submission.  

June 30: Last day for members to submit their work via Dropbox. 


July 14: Notice of works accepted into  "Emerging" emailed out.


July 25: A Zoom reception and presentation of the show and announcement of the prize winners. Details about prizes forthcoming.


The show will be on display until the end of September.

Submission Details:

Submission requirements: 1. Create a folder into which you will include photos of your work and a text document saved as a pdf, which details Your Name, Title of Work(s), Dimensions of Work(s), Medium(s) Used in each piece.

Qualifications for the photography of the artworks: Photographs should be no larger than 3 mb each and must be cropped to artwork or frame. Photos of work must be sharp, well-exposed, high-quality and without distortion. Poorly photographed artworks will not be considered.

Only mixed or single media works in 2D will be considered. No photography, unless it is embedded in a collage. A photography-only show is upcoming.


How to submit works via DropBox: Upload your folder, entitled with your name only, into the link you received via email. Click on the link, hit submit, and voila! you are in.

Find out more about Robert Goodman here {} and here {}.

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President's Message

Dear Members and Community,


Artists Equity is thrilled to provide several NEW programs, which started in March, to its members. This year, we have instituted a valuable Speaker Series, in which members can learn from innovative artists, including how to keep up with the rapidly changing art market: from the operations on how to teach online, to how to market your work as galleries diminish and new
venues arise.



Join our NEW Speaker Series! 


•Founding and Operating a Gallery and Residency

Sunday, September 26, 2021 

•One Artist’s Center for Creativity

Sunday, November 21, 2021 

Purchase a ticket for the entire series or
individual speakers on the event page.

CRIT with

Peter provided invaluable feedback to our fifteen participants in our first professional Artist Critique! It was received with enthusiasm and appreciation. As working artists, we don't get professional feedback often and having this opportunity was invaluable to our Members. 

Watch out for announcements for our September 12th professional critique with artist Zoey Frank!!


Peter Van Dyck

Desmond O'Hagan

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Alice Dustin

Artists Equity seeks to facilitate excellence, economic advancement, visibility and inclusivity for all who work in the fine arts.



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