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Virtual Tour of AE 71st Annual Spring Show


Congratulations!  Your work has been selected for the Artists Equity 71st Annual Spring Virtual show.

The juror, Bridgette Mayer, director and owner of the Bridget Mayer Gallery has selected 77 pieces from the artwork submitted, and she has chosen the following pieces to be included in the Artists Equity Spring Exhibition Artist Exhibition:

Hosted by our juror, Bridgette Mayer

Tuesday, May 26 2020

8pm – 9pm (EDT)

"Whatever It Takes" (1st Place Winner)

Ada Trillo                                                                                     


"Crossing Border" (1st Place Winner) 

Ada Trillo                                                                                     



"Maybe Mali" (2nd Place Winner)

Andrea Snyder                                                                   


"Inside of Upside Down" (2nd Place Winner)

Andrea Snyder                                                     


"Finding Paths"  (3rd Place Winner)

Kirby Fredendall

oil on tin

Bits n Pieces (1st Honorable Mention)

Kathleen Spicer 

Wall hung sculpture

Meditation (2nd Honorable Mention)

Mary Kane 


Chutes and Ladders 1 (3rd Honorable Mention)

Arlene Solomon

61 lb. photo paper, gesso board, mat gel

"On Glass"   

Alice Dustin

Oil Painting

"The Lies We Tell Ourselves"   

Traci Meitzler     

acrylic painting


"City Hall Detail XI" 

John Benigno 



"Through A Looking Glass" 

Rissa Berlin


"Tropical Memories" 

Armor Keller 

acrylic painting 

"Green Hills, Yellow Sky"

Linda Dubin Garfield


"Safe From the Wild Beast" 

Kathy Putnam 

oil painting

"Why Would Someone Do This"

Peter Smith


"Parisian Bouquet" 

Doris Peltzman 

acrylic painting

"Whiteface Ski Run/Lower Valley"

Jacquelin Altman 

watercolor painting


Joselyn Kinsler Ney

acrylic on canvas

"Green Meadow" 

Nancy Kress 

 acrylic painting


Alan Lankin                                        

 acrylic painting

"Dream Dancing" 

Joseph McAleer                         

acrylic painting

"Where Do We Go From Here"   

Peg Belcastro     

acrylic painting


Karen Powell                                         

oil painting

"Misty Morning" 

James Samaren                                                                                 


"Slope #4"   

Phyllis Anderson                                 

acrylic/mixed painting

"White Van" 

Kathleen Wert                                     

watercolor painting

"Alive Really" 

Alan Soffer                                       

acrylic painting

"The Guided Tour" 

Cheryl Elmo                             

watercolor painting

"Buffalo Run"   

Betsy Miraglia                                                                       


"Night Bloom" 

Rita Siemenski Smith                       

acrylic painting

"Unforeseen Occurrences" 

Lee Muslin                   

acrylic painting

"'Iron #13"   

Bradford Fiske                                       


"Early Spring" 

Ann Milner                                       

oil  painting

"Toward Mountain" 

Virginia Conover                       

mixed  painting

"A Gentle Reminder 

Francine Renee Schneider     

acrylic painting

"Yellow Car" 

Cheryl Rybacki                                                                                                 

woodcut print

"Dog Alley"

Polly Davis Chalfant                          

mixed painting

"Curves Ahead"   

John Rodgers                                                                                                                   



Catherine Kuzma                                     

oil  painting

"Autumn Leaves" 

Barbara Glickman                       

acrylic painting


Susan Richards                                                                                                       


"Leave on the Lights" 

Saurabh Oza                       

oil painting

"Yellow Vines"   

Louise Herring                               

oil painting


Susan Goldstein                                     

mixed on canvas

"Flowers in Boxes" 

Jennifer Chernak                     

 acrylic painting

"Walking Her Dog" 

Frank Burd                                                                               


"Black Rock" 

Barry Simon                                       

acrylic painting


Domine Celebre                                     

encaustic  painting


Will Ursprung                                                                       


"Two Figures" 



"Late Winter Thaw" 

Nancy Brockman                     

mixed painting

"Shape Dance #7" 

Erin McIntosh                           

gouache on paper 


Michele Foster                                         

encaustic painting

"Soul Bloom" 

Diane Bjornstad                                 

acrylic  painting

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