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How to Submit to an AE Show, Virtual or

All AE shows now use DropBox as a submission vehicle. There will be a button on the email announcing the show to click on to submit. As a member, all submissions to AE shows is free and part of your membership.

All submissions must follow this criteria exactly. Submissions which do not follow this criteria will be disqualified. AE aided submitters for our first virtual show, but cannot continue this practice. Should submitters need assistance with their photography or submissions, they should contact outside sources.

All photos of artwork must be high quality, cropped to the edges of the artwork (not including a frame), not blurry or distorted and including no background outside of the artwork. 

How to Upload

Step 1:

Each photograph for a photo show or each photo of artwork must be in jpeg format, no larger than 5 mb each. The title of each jpeg must be the first word or two of the item's title. If you have two or more titles which are the same, then label them "title 1," "title 2," etc.

Accompanying your submission, create a PDF document (it can be made in Microsoft but saved as a PDF), at the top of which is your full name. Then, list the titles, dimensions and media of each entry. Make sure the titles reference the titles on the jpeg.  For example, if your title on the jpeg is "Untitled 1," then that listing on your PDF should be "Untitled 1." You can put a note in your PDF document if the actual title is just "Untitled" and the 1 was for identification purposes.

The PDF should list each item separately, left justified in list format. It should have no additional information on it.

Step 2:​

Now, make a folder on your desktop. Entitle the folder with the name of the submitter, NOT the name of the person who helped the submitter. Drag and drop your jpeg images into the folder along with the PDF.

Step 3:

Click on the submission button sent to you in the email with the show poster. There you can click Upload. Drag and drop your folder into the upload box. 

Voila! That is it. You have submitted! 

Again, any questions regarding how to submit or trouble with submissions cannot be addressed to anyone at AE. Please contact someone with some technical expertise to aid in your submission.

We are transforming AE to include far more enriching events and opportunities to engage with fellow members and other professional artists. Members will find many of these events and opportunities are discounted or free. We welcome non-members to some of these events and hope you find the value of becoming a member of Artists Equity Philadelphia/Tri-state, the region's most enduring arts organization.  

Artists Equity 2022 FIRST Virtual Photography Show

February 1 - 24, 2022

We are thrilled to honor our photographers in this First photography-only show put on by AE.


Submit your photographs following the submission directions on this page between now and January 12th 2022.

Up to 5 photos may be submitted. This is not a juried show, but depending on the number of submissions we receive, from one to five of your submissions will be shown. The submissions shown in the show will be at the discretion of the Board of Artists Equity.

Submission button is provided on the Call for Entries email for this show. Access to the show will be provided via both email and on this website on February 1.

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AEs 71st Annual Fall Show "Unstoppable"

At the Cheltenham Center for the Arts. Juried by Michelle Marcuse.

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AEs 71st Annual Spring Show

Juried by Bridgette Mayer. 

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MLUC Solo Show Award Exhibition

AE Board Members, Valetta and Friends of Main Line Unitarian Church (MLUC), Devon PA

Valetta was the recipient of the MLUC Solo Show Award, awarded by PAFA juror Michael Gallagher in a Fall juried art show. Rather than do her own solo show, Valetta invited AE's board members to each show several of their paintings as a “perk” of the job.

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