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Existing members can easily renew their membership for the 2018 season online via the PAY NOW button below.

Renewals are due by December 31st.

Membership Type
JOIN as an associate member TODAY!

Associate membership is open to everyone who supplies complete membership information and pays dues at the current membership rate.

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FULL MEMBERSHIP (Professional):
Full membership is attained based on the professional intent of the artist. Full members receive a link to their fine art website for as long as they are a member in good standing. Full members are highlighted as such in the membership list published each season.

Full Membership is open to those who pay the current membership dues plus a one-time screening fee of $25, and supply documentation listed below. All materials must be sent by mail and arrive in one package.

Professional materials needed for Full Membership:
(Note: Screening is objective and based soley on the professional intent of the artist.)

  1. Your resume or curriculum vitae
  2. Your artist’s statement
  3. A completed membership form – Click here for a printable html version of the membership application form to mail with your materials
  4. Documentation of TWO of the four professional activities listed below:
    • Are represented by a commercial gallery or professional art representative
    • Have had three or more sales of their original artwork
    • Have exhibited in three or more juried/curated (non-student) shows at a university or museum gallery, art center, artists co-op or commercial gallery
    • Have graduated from a professional art program

Get the advantage
Be associated with excellence
• Exhibition and networking opportunities for all levels of the profession and in all fine arts media
• Upper tier venues, Select Exhibitions
• Monetary prizes, awarded by respected and well-known curators and jurors

Promote our economic well-being as an artists
• Professional development programs, Mentoring, Peer-to-Peer Resource Sharing
• Workshops, lectures and panels on marketing, copyright, licensing and more
• Discounts on some subscriptions and at many local art supply stores

Get in the know
Protect and expand the rights of artists
• Best practices and policies on entrance fees, art in the fundraising setting, contracts and negotiating
• Advocacy on legislative issues affecting artists at local, state and federal levels
• Hotlines for ethics problems and art health hazards





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